Ever Young! Actress Nadia Buari Celebrates 36th Birthday With Sultry Pictures

Beautiful actress, Nadia Buari has celebrated turning a year older with the release of some really awesome photos. The actress, who is one of the most popular in the Ghanaian movie industry is celebrating her birthday today.



The mother of 4 kids, who was born in Takoradi, Ghana to a musician and a producer called Alhaji Sidiku Buari and mother who is a beautician called Hajia Buari, is now 36 years old. She was born on 21 November 1982. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared these photos of herself with her fans.



She then wrote: “There is nothing far greater in life than to share our special moments with all the special people in our life who have sacrificed their time to make us relevant in space. My “birth” owes its “rights” to all these special people. My gratitude to all, who by all means, and in all ways, and through all things, have helped me become all I have become today. My family, friends, buttercakes and above all, my GOD, without whom I can do nothing. I owe u all I own and I remain forever indebted to u.



Over the years, I have become stronger by what I believe and think, about who I am, and I have become more purposeful and powerful by what God says about who I am. I am no longer the girl who is moved by what she sees to believe, but I have become the woman who believes to see beyond how things appear to be. I am more of who God says I am, than what I am by anyone or anything, and this part of me never changes, no matter what changes about me over time. I have also maintained my “living” above things, so that, of all that my living becomes, no ‘thing’ can become my living.



By my birth, rights to happiness, to opportunities, to prosperity, to excellence were also born, and I’m glad to share these rights, with all. God bless u all and happy birthday to me.”


We wish the Ghanaian star a very happy birthday. Please join us to send birthday wishes to Nadia Buhari in the comment section below.