Offset Wants To Spend Christmas Eve With Cardi & Baby Kulture (NEWS)

Although Cardi B and Offset have broken up, their family must continue on. The “Bodak Yellow” superstar and the Migos member split after cheating allegations dragged Offset down the path of no redemption.

There are some that believe the two will end up back together. Others hope Cardi is done with him for good. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, one thing can be agreed on by everyone. Baby Kulture deserves to have an amazing Christmas.

With parents like Cardi and Offset, that may not be such a hard task. TMZ reports that Offset plans on showering the baby in a mountain of gifts.

The media site claims that sources close to the former couple revealed Offset’s intentions of spending the holiday with Cardi and their baby. Specifically, he wants Cardi to carve out a spot on Christmas Eve and the days leading up to it for him.

He also plans to shower Cardi in presents, if she is willing to accept them. We sense a truly magnificent “Take Me Back” present coming, possibly something Cardi has wanted all her life.

But since the “Invasion of privacy” rapper is smiling big to the bank herself, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t turn down a lavish gift and just buy it for herself.