Shakira Accused of Tax Evasion, Risks Getting Account Frozen (NEWS)

Colombian superstar singer, songwriter and businesswoman, Shakira has been hit with a tax evasion charge by the Spanish authority.

According to the prosecutors, Shakira evaded paying tax to Spain which is valued to a tune of £13 million, during her stay in the country between 2012 and 2014.

The charges also listed that the singer allegedly listed The Bahamas as her place of residence during her stay in Spain with her partner and Barcelona player, Gerard Pique.

According to the prosecutors, Shakira only stayed out of Spain only for a short while, which meant she was mostly resident in Spain.

The prosecutors now want the singer, whose fortune is reckoned to be more than $200m (£176m), to pay a bond of €19.4m (£17.4m), which she allegedly owes in tax plus 33%.

Another option given to her is to get part of her account frozen to that value.

In her defense, Shakira’s representatives have claimed the singer didn’t live in Spain until 2015 and that she has met all her tax obligations with the Spanish tax body.

The court of law will now have to look into the case to pass final judgment.