Desmond Elliot Celebrates 15 Years Anniversary (NEWS)

Film star and politician Desmond Elliot is 15 years in marriage today amidst all of the separation and divorce common to celebrities and other couples in society.

Elliot hardly brings his family issues on social media and we are glad this is one marriage that is still holding water.

Read the post he made for him and his wife who has ensured he has a peaceful home for this long.

15 years and waxing strong,Babamai I could leave a long note to profess how much you mean to me , I could tell a story of how we met and started this journey,it will all come down to those 3 words, I LOVE YOU
Mmm Thank you for the peace
Thank you for caring
Thank you for loving me even when I added to my waistline(hehe)
Thank you for making our house a home

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