Tonto Dikeh prepared to go to jail if photoshopped pic gets out

A blackmailer wrote to Tonto Dikeh informing her about a plan to release her naked pictures by weekend — instead of being concerned, she urged the extortionist to quickly post them as promised.

She is happy to make some cash from the publicity it is likely to create. But one thing that can prompt her to enter an aggressive mode is if the images in question are photo-shopped. The actress made this clear in an Instagram post she shared on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, that she will eliminate anyone who frames her.

In the post, the single mum made clear that she is ready to risk her freedom by ending the freeloader if the pictures to be released are fabricated.

“We have now officially received some of your nude pictures. You are number 3 on our list. We presently have 10 celebrities we are bringing down this weekend,” a note from a blackmailer reads. Tonto Dikeh put this up on her IG and then offered a hostile response.

Confirming her readiness to face the consequences of a potential revenge murder, she tagged a profile believed to belong to the Nigerian Police Force.

Dikeh says, “if you release a photo shopped picture of me,I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD AND GO TO JAIL,I will hunt you down and do really bad things to everyone you Love.”

Tonto Dikeh is noticeably one who cares a great deal about her appearances. This has prompted her to submit to a few plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

In November 2018, she captured herself on IG with a plastic surgeon raising suspicion about an imminent plan to undergo surgery.

Being able to give her body a fix in the start of the year 2018, was something of joy in a message appreciating her surgeon who helped her find confidence…