An Upcoming comedian known as D STAMMARER has come out to accuse high profiled Colleague WARRI BROS of allegedly stealing his original contents without giving him proper credit.

D stammerer narrated  that he came in contact with Warris Bros the comedian for the first time at LAFFWELL WITH AMBASSADOR INDUZ were he (D Stammerer) had performed, he claimed Warri Bros immediately after the event congratulated  and commended his hilarious performance.

According to D Stammerer, he failed to realize that Warri Bros had an ulterior motive up his sleeves. But this he realized after Warri Bros went ahead of him to dish out his jokes at DESTALKER LAUGHTER CRUSADE without giving him proper credit and got massive ovations for it.

He lamented via his narrative that he was pained about this unfair act because his an upcoming comedian who will get to deal with people calling him a copy cat because they won’t believe he is the   real originator/author of those Jokes performed by Warri Bros

His also stated that upcoming creatives are not Safe in the Industry, this he believes his a fact based on his encounter with Warri Bros



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