Galaxy Music Awards 2019 Predictions :Video Director Of The Year

Port Harcourt has truly being blessed with super talented video directors who has consistently stepped up their games with top-notch videos shown on almost every major screen across the country.

Adasa Cookey, proves to be the biggest name on this category due to his strong recognition in the Lagos and of course foreign market.

However, names like Bobby Rak, Dennis Gbedula and Ed Izycs are no strangers to Both the Port-harcourt and foreign market/fans, with breath taking,clean and cripsy videos done under the year of review.

Who will win: Adasa Cookey will be a worthy winner

Who will i give it to: Dennis Gbedula (if not for anything, his consistency over the year)

Speaking about consistency what happened to Kobo Lash and State Filmz???


 . Wike Franklin Junior (Editor)

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