INTERVIEW: Popular Raypower FM DJ Skillful to go International in 2020

DJ Skillful set for an International club tour

In an online Interview session with the #ChiefEtiUbok1 popularly known as DJ skillful, a clear picture of how juicy the decade would be can be viewed, with the Elendy pouring out his plans of the year 2020.

DJ Skillful when approached on his facebook handle Dee J Skillful Elendy gave No Limit TV a warm acceptance to have an interview with him.

When asked what his fans are expecting of him in 2020, Dee J Skillful Elendy replied with optimism

“Sure I have lost of project for this year by the Grace of God. First is: ChiefEitUbok1 goes of Church. On the 29 of March. Secondly my: ChiefEtiUbok1 Club Movement* I will be traveling out of the Country for my Club movement. Thirdly: My ChiefEtiUbok1 Show by September/November. Other things can also fall in place by the Grace of GOD almighty”

Although he relented in disclosing information about the #ChiefEitUbok1 movement. It was a hard crack getting information out of him.

With little persuasion, the DJ left us with as much information as we needed to created a picture of the year in view.

He revealed that ChiefEtiUbok1 is a Chief title given to him by his fans on Radio. Meaning: (Good Hand)

We were also made to know that ChiefEtiUbok1 is an Event, a Musical Concert  encompassing Musicians, Commadians, DeeJay etc.

And that the #ChiefEtiUbok1 Club movement is a Tour out the Countr

The DJ is also set to release a song with MrTuCool & someone else, before the end of February 2020

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