Popular Port Harcourt Comedian KO Baba has openly come to the defense of David Wilson,another PH based comedian currently on a new TV Reality show ULTIMATE LOVE.

David Wilson has faced major critics since the show’s eviction night on Sunday 16th February 2020 in which he choose Presh over Rossie

According to the comedian who spoke via his social media platform said;

“Some people are sounding as if Rosie sponsored David Wilson through school and started a business for him too. Una want find wife for am abi? He followed his heart and not his head. Fine face no be every thing my pipo, Presh is very beautiful and after the audition they exchanged a few chats, and he was disappointed that Presh was not in that house, and never knew it was a twist from the organizers. Let the young man be, he has to make a choice that he may choose to leave with the rest of his life. Thank you💕

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