Prolific comedian KO BABA who announced his comedy show slated for APRIL 2020 via his facebook page has once again been spotted inspecting potential venue for this year’s comedy event of the year.

The comedian was spotted at popular event center Aztech Arcum


According to his facebook post which suggested so, the talkaholic unlimited CEO said;

My church people no dey like small small things, the instruction this year is #BeMore, and this year we no go calm down until we are 💯. If the Mayor doesn’t live that reality na falling hand. Oya finish this gist for us🤣🤣

We can recall that he made his show known to all and sundry earlier this year through a facebook post


Years ago, I decided to pursue a career in comedy. I told myself I was going to invest a major part of my life in creating and delivering jokes. At the time, I had been getting gigs to speak and anchor events for free, and people were already picking me as their comedian, even on the few occasions I tried to refute it. Years before then, I have attended an event anchored by Legendary Iyowuna Obomanu and fell in love with comedy, I could recite some of his jokes at some point.

Whilst brooding over my chosen career path one day, I felt the need to create a lane for myself: to stay clean & classy. I put both words together and birthed my own Unique Service Proposition as a comedian; CLEAN & CLASSY COMEDY. When I saw that the opportunities and platforms were not forthcoming as I expected, I told myself I won’t let any quarter in the calendar go without hosting an event to sell myself. I did my first event at Royal Castle Hotel, 96 Abel Jumbo Street, the spot popularly known as White House. Shortly after, I hosted “A Good Evening With KObaba” in my elder brother’s Church. The brand later became “KObaba Comedy Fellowship” and was touring around churches, bi-monthly. I was hosted an event titled “Laugh, Jesus Loves You” at Glory Reign Assembly, thanks to Rev Clems. I hosted “Lovers should be laughing”, “The Love Show” on St. Valentine’s Day for 2 years. I co-hosted “Good & Gospel” gospel Club with my younger brother, DJ Clergy Chris. We did four editions, before our venue was sold out and shut down. When I did to connect to several pastors and churches back then, I hosted “LAUGH OH YE MEN OF God; it was a comedy and dinner night out for church leaders and it paid off. I started venturing one man shows, after I was inspired by the incredible feat of Dan D’ Humorous. I paid for the biggest hall in The Atrium Event Center, and together with Nwachi, we were hawking tickets like Gala, I did my LET ME DO TALKING and have done 2 other editions establishing a long performance of 150 minutes.

I could go on and on, but one thing is certain; the KObaba brand has evolved. I have always been a hard worker. Have been battered but not embittered. I have finished several events highly indebted and suffered heavy losses, but have always seen to it that I paid back gradually. I’ve been let down severally by people I trusted and committed responsibilities to. My breakthrough was in an event I captioned LAUGH OUT THE STRESS, that I hosted AY as supportive role model. I took a loan of #2m to float event, and I will save you the unsavory details of the consequences of my inexperience (for now). It was after this show that I official rebranded into “KObaba on Duty”.

With KObaba On Duty, I have created my one man show: LET ME DO THE TALKING; and collaboration show with my Talkaholics and Colleagues, that I’d be hosting next. Both shows interchange yearly, and this year is the beginning of the best moments. I have gone through several event centers in the city, built the fanbase, and repeatedly gotten impressive statistical feedbacks. So it’s time to maximize, my people. Please join the wagon and reward my efforts by patronizing my next event on Easter Monday. The show is subtitled “Mayor Of Pitakwa”, and I want you to come and laugh about my Port Harcourt story, and why you must love Port Harcourt. I bring you 6 of my colleagues from yonder and 6 from Port Harcourt, with much Humour about Port Harcourt to deliver. Let’s do it together; I can’t do this without you. I am yaaa ceremonial mayor. This is me. my name is KObaba💕😘💯

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