2019 Galaxy Music Awards Female Artist of the year Kessy Driz has lamented over the recent treatment dished out to female entertainers all over the nation.

In a recent interview with ADURE RADIO(Online radio) with YO-BOI the female singer,song writer and performer spoke on her music act as an artist,background while growing up and how far she has developed as an artist.

According to the singer who used to be a gospel singer while growing

“FEMALE Entertainers are not prostitutes !!!

That you see an actress or a musician grabbing balls in a video does not mean she’s good at grabbing balls so you start chasing her to see if she can grab yours 🙄🙄🙄


That’s just an “act” it’s a show for entertainment not reality..

Most of these females you see going wild on tv are actually homely and well reserved and cultured off set 🎥

When you chase an entertainer, please chase her for the right reasons and not what she puts on the screen… Don’t chase me becos you feel i can twerk very well on stage so that means I will be good in bed 😥

BUSINESS IS BUSINESS 👍 know the difference …”


It is worthy to note that Kessy Driz was a contestant on THE VOICE NIGERIA in 2017

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