The Port Harcourt Music Industry and the Lack of Female Consistency – Wike Franklin

Over the years the music industry in the city of Port Harcourt,the entertainment hub of the South-South,has been largely dominated,overshadowed and constantly run by the male’s in the industry over their female counterparts.

Like the famous saying goes, “What a man can do,a woman can do better”. Well, this saying seems not to be the order of the day in the “City on the Rise like B.P”, that’s according to Dr.Barz.

In recent times,the activities of ladies in the industry has dropped drastically below what used to be the average number. A large number of ladies in the industry would say it has never been easy for them to stay releveant and be active in an industry that is largely dominated by men.Some others would cry over over what they term as “regular discrimination” in the industry that they are been faced with. While a lesser proportion would lament over the case of “lack of support” from the industry.

it is with great concern that i write to acertain the actual raesons for the inconsistency of our ladies in the industry. One would expect that with power houses such as Fortune,KessyDriz,Jikume,gussyBaby,Matinna,Zina,Anabel Shuga and a host of other talented female’s one would expect these “Sophosticated Iyawo’s” to stand up to these guys.

Because in PH where i come from “Who goes there” no dey look gender….at least Dandizzy can attest to that.

This is 2020 and half the year already and what we want is our ladies to rival our guys for spots at the top charts and countdown.


What’s your take on this….leave a comment below!

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