Cadilly Witch-hunts Dandizzy; Allegedly deletes YouTube and Audio Mack Accounts

One year has passed since Dandizzy ended his contract with Cadilly. A contract he allegedly signed in the January of 2017 in the presence of industry folks, colleagues like Isaac Utere, Rave and a couple others. The reason he decided in 2019 to prematurely rescind the 4years contract with the Label which brought him to limelight remains uncertain.

Given recent developments, it seems that old sins have not been forgiven, whatever they may be.
Following the support and encouragement Dandizzy has been getting from higher echelons in the industry. Encouragement that ranges from finance to recognition.

It’s possible and seemingly so that someone somewhere is not pleased with this development.

Rumour has it that he is being witch-hunted following the sudden disappearance of his YouTube Channel, with over 1K subscribers and his verified Audiomack Account with over 2K Plays to its credit.

Not only were the accounts created by Cadilly missing, the Audio and Visual contents which were also created during his time with the record Label have vanished into thin air. Sadly, recent works he made after his leaving Cadilly have also vanished.

Following this revelation, Dandizzy has taken to his Instagram page to inform his fans of these developments while updating them on the creation of new profiles. He wrote:

“Deleted my YouTube channel my audio Mack And some other personal profiles Don’t ask me why just support me!! #freshstart”

Concerning the perpetrators, He said:

“Whoever gained access to my mail and deleted my audiomack and YouTube accounts you cannot stop me!!”

Undoubtedly, all fingers point to Cadilly, his former label for these unfortunate events being that they were also sole administators of both accounts whilst he was with them.



Source: Karina iBlog