As a Nation, our political leaders made a decision to borrow from China to fund critically needed infrastructures in different region of the Nation.

Not like if we put the monies we generate annually that we can’t fund this projects but just that we run a very expensive government e.g the salaries and allowances of our law makers, corruption etc but this is not the reason for this piece.

The country was to borrow this money from China in batches for the different rail projects from standard gauge to bringing in the train and it’s coaches.

The agreement was signed 20th Dec 2010 by the immediate past adminstration

The said project are

1. Lagos – Kano
2. Lagos – Ibadan
3. Port Harcourt – Madugiri

Amazingly, Lagos – Kano is already in use, Lagos to Ibadan is almost completed just remaining few touches and Port Harcourt to Madugiri is supposed to commence once this batch of loan is given.

You will agree with me that rail system has a very vital role to play in every economy, especially in the area of transportation of raw materials etc.

After almost completing other region rail project an alarm was raised all of a sudden, seeking for the cancellation of the remaining loan.

What is the remaining loan meant for ? It’s for Port Harcourt-Madugiri rail project.

In a bid to achieving their aim, all of a sudden the committee of National treaties and protocols was reactivated and the chairman happens to be an intelligent law maker in the person of Ossai Ossai from the affected region to tackle a minister from the same region and the cabals sat down to watch the drama.

During the hearing Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Min of transportation said that from the way the whole thing is going that the Chinese Government might refuse to give us the remaining loan and if that is done, some section of the country will suffer it and also appeal that the committee should allow them get the loan then afterwards surmon and Turnbull him anyhow they like and I deeply understood why he said that.

FG should conclude and get this loan and start Port Harcourt- Madugiri rail which cut across south east, South south to Madugiri with no delay, so it’ll be a win win federal project and also let the said region benefit.

Don’t remind me about the second Niger bridge because it’s not going to grow our economy like the rail system would and secondly, if in near future River Niger is dredged, will a standard cargo ship be able to pass under this second Niger because of its design ?

Mind you, Nigeria liability to China is 3.121 billion dollars representing 3.94 per cent of 79.3 billion dollars we owe. so I don’t think that stopping the so called 500 million dollar loan is what will perform the magic or miracle The question is, why are they making song and dance out of the 500 million dollars loan all of a sudden ?

They just woke up after 5 years and when it’s time to start Port Harcourt – Madugiri rail I guess ?

I strongly believe that in the spirit of fair play, the loan should be allowed so that the aforementioned project will commence and completed

Any South-south and south east person gunning for the cancellation of the said 500 million loan should wake up and understand why this people want it cancelled.

With the situation of things, if the loan is cancelled Lagos and ogun state will complete their project in less than 6 months if FG okays it and then what happens to the rail system of South south, south east ( Port Harcourt- Madugiri) ?

The people that is kicking against this loan are the same people that will ask the Hon. Minister ( Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi) what he did for the aforementioned region during his tenure as a minister when the clock strikes.

If you think that the sovereignty of Nigeria will be willed to China because of the said 500 million dollars then let it be and allow us to benefit like our brother regions did biko Allow south east and south south benefit, stop poli-tricking us with your media and strategies.

Written by; Dumebi Nduka

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