Recently, a chat has shown how the south east region lost out on foreign investment fund South west bullied the rest of the region with a whopping 82 billion dollars which represents 87.7% and the rest regions shared the remaining 12.3% which is actually laughable

North Central, even with the unrest happening in the northern parts of the country occupied second position with 10 billion dollars which also represents 11.51%

South south got 471 million dollars

South East got 204 million dollars

North East got 39 million dollars

North West got 30 million dollars Foreign investment here refers to the investment in domestic companies and assets of another country by foreign investors In this piece, my call is to the south east governors, even though Ebonyi and Anambra state has decided not to go broke on a duplex South east lost out due to negligence and lack of vision of their leaders and from the way other regions are developing, it shows that south east Governors are sleeping on a bike. Let’s take Abia state as an example.

About five years ago, Aba was one of the most dirtiest city in Africa and Port Harcourt international airport was one of the dirtiest or sub standard international airport in the world. Today, Port Harcourt international airport is one of the best in Africa and aba still remain the same or better still, worsened If you say that Port Harcourt international airport is a federal project, I agree but that state took it as a challenge to make sure that it’s done and what about many development that has been going on simultaneously in Port Harcourt and other parts of Rivers State like ?

South East Governors please what is happening in Abia and imo State ?

What are you doing with their allocation and state generated funds since 1999 till date ? Charity begins at home they say but it seems the Charity of most south east Governors begins outside home As a Governor, you owe

1. Pension

2. Civil servants

3. You don’t fix good road nor quality projects

4. No major or standard infrastructures

5. No programs that will benefit your people etc

What then do you do with state generated revenue and state allocation ?

My question is, what is really the problem of most south Eastern governors, especially Abia and imo state respectively ?

Your attitude as leaders has made the region look 3rd class in development compare to other regions apart from those affected by insurgence Tomorrow, you will start looking for whom to blame It’s time the leaders of the aforementioned region understand that nobody will attract development to their region but themselves Do they even have a progressive developmental plan that each governor will follow irrespective of party ?

Lagos State is a clear example, irrespective of your party as a Governor, Lagos State comes first. It’s not a crime if the south east governors apply what I call partnership system of Government, were they can save and jointly do projects that will develop their region and also benefit them . It’s not a crime if they jointly handle critically needed infrastructures in the region E.g Aba is supposed to be a production hub of the region and country, is it a crime if the the south east Governors come together to build world class factories and clean up the city ?

Onitsha main market is one of the biggest market in West Africa, what have they come together to do about it ?

You’ll only tell me that every state is independent when the leaders knows what to do but if a leader is limited in knowledge for one reason or the other, the interest of the region still remains for growth and development and I don’t think there is anything wrong in inter state partnership regarding development Most times, I see the south east Governors gather after meetings, dressed so expensive and pose for the camera but one question keep coming to my mind, what are they actually discussing in those meetings when the region has remain the same since 1999 apart from Ebonyi state and Anambra state It’s time for south East Governors to wake up and do what is expected of them and it’s also time for the people of that region to hold their present and past leaders responsible for failing them The way you make your bed is how you will lay on it

Written by Dumebi Nduka

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