How Nollywood destroyed the image of the Igbo tribe – Dumebi Nduka

How Nollywood in the process of entertaining has made many Nigerians believe that most igbos are ritualist, 419ners and drug dealers, to the extent of using it against them without knowing how the picture was painted
Early 90’s, 1992 and 1993 to be precise. A block buster igbo movie ( Living in bondage ) written by Kenneth Nnebue and Okechukwu Ogunjiofor, directed by Chris Obi Rapu and Produced by Ken Nnebue that featured the likes of Kenneth okonkwo, kanayo .O. Kanayo, Bob Manuel udokwu, Ngozi Nwaosu etc ushered in several other movies that are ritual, robbery,419,drug related which actually entertained many but got those that doesn’t really understand the power of imagination, fiction and creativity in script writing believed every single thing they watched and therefore tagged the Igbo tribe to be known for the aforementioned wickedness
The 163 minutes movie and it’s likes has painted the Igbo tribe to be known for the those things till date.
After the release of Living in bondage 27 years ago, rattle snake, last burial, Nneka the pretty serpent etc. many couldn’t draw the line between reality/entertainment and they passed on the imaginary belief or mindset to their children that Igbo’s are this and that
I think is high time we have people that will represent our different tribe and culture in Nigeria movie sensor board to avoid more damages of our people and what we represent
I said this because it’s hard to see an America movie that portrays them liers or their soldiers or president to be weak in a movie
It’s also hard to see an India movie scene were a man will lay (make love) to a woman like we see in America movies scenes
Recently, I have observed that our ladies, after watching telemundo believes that Indians are very romantic and that Nigeria men/woman are not
They believe so because in the said series, you see men cry now and then for their ladies because of love while an average Nigerian man will not
In summary, most viewers or movie lovers believes a lot about what the movie story lines paint about a people
Igbos, in trying to entertain, pls watch what you put out there
Am not disputing the fact that there are no cases of ritual in Igbo land but some region or tribes even have more cases and yet they are not seen in that light
Ohanaeze and all the fomidable Igbo groups should look for a way to address this.
Igbo firm makers, why not look for ways to make more entrepreneurial motivated movies?
Why not produce more Beautiful Igbo cultural epic movies that will teach the people about our different beautiful culture? Oguta culture is different from onitsha culture
Owerri culture is different from Nsuka culture
Aba culture is different from Nnewi culture etc
Do more of apprentice success motivated movies
Do movies that exhibits the benefits of an industrious igbo wife
Do movies about the legacies of true Igbo kings and how they ruled their kingdoms
Do movies that will encourage the Igbo parents to teach their children Igbo language, because most Igbo parents in the cities are failing in this aspect
Do movies of how the igbos lost everything after the war but rose from the 20 pounds given each of them by Nigeria Government and they have ended up becoming the richest per capital in not just Nigeria but Africa as at today
In as much as you want to entertain, Please mind how you paint your people.
You have so much to draw from the Rivers of creativity as Igbo,Hausa or Yoruba movie maker
Every tribe has the good, bad and ugly side of her people but majority of Igbo’s are beautiful, loving and hard working people and I assure you that
Why hating on Igbo’s when they have not really done you anything but based of what you heard about them ?
Is it only the Igbo’s that has really hurt or offended you in this country ?
Why is it that most Nigerians will forgive their offenders from other tribes but will never forgive an Igbo person ?
If you are hating Igbo’s, never trusted them and at the end it didn’t go or end well with you and an Igbo person, especially in business deal, my brother you are just like job in the Bible that what you feared most befall
Why not have a clear and open mind about the Igbo’s? Your destiny helper might be an Igbo person and if you continue the hating, you the know the rest of the story
Igbo’s are making Nigeria proud all over the world than any other tribe in Nigeria, do your research
Igbo’s are not as bad as many paint them
It might interest you to know that the most industrious people in Nigeria are igbo’s and you can’t take it from them when it comes to enterprenuerial thinking and success in business and it’s approach
Aliko Dangote started something ago in an interview that he has more of Igbo senior managers in his company ( he understands the business strength and capacity of the Igbo people in business)
I will boldly say that an average Igbo man or woman, girl or boy has a natural God given business 101 as a course inside

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