Harnessing TikTok and Triller for your Music

TikTok and Thriller are undoubtedly one of the biggest widely growing platforms, where users generate video contents. They are two platforms engaging lovers of entertainment, and that brings a big platform for Music artiste to showcase their sounds as well.

At a glance, TikTok and Triller seem to have a lot in common. These social video apps provide users with an excellent way to showcase their creativity. Both these apps allow you to edit and share videos, have an extensive music library, and allow you to share videos on other social networking apps.

But, besides the similarities, there are major differences. In fact, with the Trump administration’s concerns over TikTok, many are contemplating Triller vs. TikTok. Even though both the apps offer pretty much similar services, certain features set them apart from each other.

Here’s a handy comparison outlining the notable differences between TikTok and Triller:

Features of TikTok vs Triller

Place Of Origin
China vs Los Angeles

800 million active users, with more than 2 billion downloads vs 65 million active users, with more than 250m downloads
Discover Page Trending hashtags, promoted ad campaigns Leaderboards, trending hashtags, categorized genre charts, promoted ad campaigns

Video Duration
TikTok users can make videos of 15 seconds only Triller users can make full music videos to whole tracks

Video Editing Capabilities
User-based, ability to add text in particular parts of the clips, range of speeds, effects, overlays, etc. vs A.I.-based, fast motion/slow motion, text (basic), overlays

Only allows listening to 15-seconds of a song, only lets you use music that is ingested in the app in the videos vs Only allows listen to full songs, can use music that is Triller, Spotify, or Apple Music

Deployment Analyzes the users’ preferences and interests through engagement and displays a personalized feed to every user vs Analyzes biometric movements of videos and adapts them to a song’s beat


TikTokers can make videos on any topic, regardless of the genre Triller seems to favor EDM and hip-hop

Can download videos to share to other social networking sites vs Can download videos to share to other social networking sites.

How To Make Money On The Two Apps?

Amid Triller vs. TikTok, the hunt for the better social video platform is on. Although TikTok’s fate in the US is still hanging on the balance, its popularity and usage still continue to sky-rocket in other territories.

Wondering if you should really switch to Triller or stick with TikTok, for now, to show off your brand? Read on for a quick review.

Triller vs. TikTok: For Marketing Influencers

TikTok is undoubtedly a better social video platform for marketing influencers worldwide in terms of reach. Wondering why? Well, in comparison to Triller’s 65m, TikTok has 800 million active users. Moreover, unlike Triller that’s available only in 50 countries, TikTok is available in 155 countries. Also, TikTok has successfully launched a generation of influencers who had started as non-celebrities.

Triller vs. TikTok: For Brand Building

Leveraging TikTok can be the key to increasing social brand awareness. This is because with TikTok’s audience growing BY every second, you can use the platform to build your brand. Triller also gives brands a great platform for increasing exposure and get a better share of voice on social media. Just like TikTok, Triller is a fun way for brands to promote their products in their video content.

Triller vs. TikTok: For Advertising

TikTok provides advertisers with several options to reach their target demographic. When TikTokers open the app, ads appear and take over the screen completely for a few seconds before it turns into an in-feed video ad. From ad creation and targeting to insight reports and ad management tools, TikTok ads offer an easy-to-use and powerful platform for businesses to advertise. On the other hand, Triller doesn’t include ads currently. Instead, it focuses on letting creators raise money from followers and advertisers as well as crowdfund.

Triller vs. TikTok: For Content Creators

To choose the better platform between Triller and TikTok, consider asking yourself a few questions like – What kind of content creators are you creating? Do you spend more time in conceptualizing the message of your video? Would you rather simplify the editing process or have greater flexibility in editing?

While TikTok features a range of editing tools to give content creators the flexibility of creating the content they want, Triller deploys AI to edit videos for the creator. So, with Triller, you can simply let artificial intelligence compile the best clips for creating a quality video.

In Conclusion:

TikTok is the larger platform, with the larger traffic and muscle. Equally, TikTok has a streaming platform called Resso, which is only operative in India at the moment. Word on the street is that monetization for artists will come via that streaming platform when the time is right.

Triller is also working hard and fast to help artists and the creative industry monetize better. Its model has always been focused on the music industry.

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