Pray for your clients! Popular PH Graphic designer tells creatives after the death of his client on the day of payment.

Oluwasegun Abiodun is a popular creative in the Port Harcourt Design sector, and one who’s works are highly sought after.
On Thursday the design mystro spoke up saying

“So I did a job for a trusted client that resides at Anambra who gave me 20% of what I can use in starting the job and I added 50% of my own money to do the job 6 weeks ago, of which I executed and delivered.

Two days later after speaking with the client and was waiting for my full payment, I could not reach to the Man again, I was angry that I have fallen a fool to someone that I have trusted for so long due to the way we have worked on several projects. To me it was just a dream that this is actually happening, and this amount of money is way too big to leave for this man na and I have being paying the remaining 30% to the people I promised to pay after payment were made, so I started calling him with different numbers but all to no avail, his line was not reachable.

So after weeks of silent depression, yesterday I decided to call the number on the project that I delivered to the man, with great shock I was told that the man died two days after delivering the project to the company that owns it.
And they forwarded me his wife’s phone number which I called to confirm that behold the man is dead, and the burial program was given to me to design but the money which he is supposed to pay me is like falasy to the hearing of the family.

I felt so bad yesterday after hearing and discussing with the man’s wife because I had already tagged him as a scam but I never knew he had already given up the coast the day he was supposed to make payment.

Pls pray for ur clients.”

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