PMAN Rivers State Chapter Inaugrates new leadership

It was a meeting filled with the joys of recconecting with old acquintances at the meeting of Performing Musicians Employees Association of Nigeria (PMAN) where the Leadership tussle that left the group defunct was resolved.

Ibitoru I .B. Green, popularly known as lady IB was innaugrated as the new chairman of the association in the state by the Leadership of the National PMAN body, in presence of the Chiarman and his secretary who appeared virtually through a live streaming Software engineered by the No Limit TV crew.

Lady IB becomes the second female Chiarman of the body after being elected on 27th October 2013.

There is said to be a new hope in PMAN by many present with the new leadership which includes;

Moses “Big Mozy” Mabadeje, 1st vice chairman, Karibo ‘K.B’ Longjohn, 2nd vice chairman, Allaiye ‘Daddy O’Bobmanuel, publicity secretary, Ezekiel “Ice.T.” Benibo, treasurer and Eke ‘Peples’ Emmanuel Mark provost. Others are Isong ‘Senator’ Sunday, welfare I and Valentine ‘Val’ Amaso welfare 2.

This administration is to function for 6 months, within which an Electoral committee must be formed to bring in an Elected leadership by February, that is one of the mandates of the committee.

The Chiarman pointed out at Key projects that will also be mandatory for this administration who looks to rebrand the organization, take it to a higher level and restore peace amongst other mandates of her administration. They included

:- organizing PMAN award night, legends night, partnership with various sectors of the state economy, support the less privileged in the society including families of their departed colleagues as well as promote the welfare of its members and to ensure lasting peace in the association amongst others.

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